1. 1)Start with the style first. Ladies have over 40 to choose from and men have over 20. For ladies its either closed or open heel and closed or open toe. The closed heel is more stable while the open heel looks lighter and more delicate.

  1. 2)Heels. For ladies there are 18 heels of varying heights and styles. (See heels)

  1. 3)There are many materials and colors and can be, depending on the style, as many as 4 areas of the shoe to mix and match. I have all the materials and colors on hand. No more guessing from a computer monitor. This is where you can have fun!

If you are new tango shoes and are only looking for 1 pair to start with chose colors that will go with most of your outfits. This is were I can help you with my free design services. Bring your tango outfits to you appointment. 

  1. 4)Choose the sole. Either suede (good for wooden dance floors and less slippery) or hard leather. This is the sole I like as I can wear the shoes as street shoes and dance on just about any surface. Many lead prefer suede as it is more stable.

  1. 5)There are 3 levels of cushioning to choose from. (See cushioning)