My story - I thought I would never be able to wear Tango shoes after having foot issues from dancing ballroom on high heels for many years. I searched for low heeled tango shoes. It seemed “low” meant 7 to 8cm. Then I found Mr. Tango Shoes (do you hear trumpets blaring?)

Here’s the scoop – Mr. Tango shoes are highly customizable. This means you can choose and mix & match the colors, fabric, leathers etc. on any one of their many shoe designs. I have all the materials and colors in hand for you to look at - no more guessing from computer monitors. You can also choose your heel style and size. Yes – you can have gorgeous tango shoes and lower heels! Plus these shoes have three levels of padding. I literally can dance all night! And if you have special fitting problems we can customize your shoes to fit you perfectly.

Community Service - I really feel like I'm offering a community service in my area. So many of you travel to NYC only to be disappointed by the lack of available shoes. I've had a lot of comments on my shoes, not only by the way they look but the lower heels. And these shoes are sturdy enough to be worn as street shoes so they're doing double duty. I no longer buy dress shoes or fancy sandals, which end up hurting after an hour. If they're comfortable to dance all night they are comfortable enough to spend the day in them. 



Prudence Sloane